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Everything you need to know about the human reproductive strategy

There’s no accounting for taste, so it is all right to be a serial monogamist, but we need to dig this topic in a bit more detail so that we can better understand the role of monogamy in our lives. In fact, we are supposed to study things that are closely associated with our lifestyle choices.


The dangerous for unsafe sex

Just try letting your partner know, you are going to have sexual intercourse with another guy, and you will earn the wrath on you. If you are a serial monogamist but you do not use condoms frequently, have multiple partners, & trade sex for money, you are likely to acquire STIs & HIV.


Going from one monogamous relationship to another is not risk-free. If you are someone who develops sexual relationships with multiple partners, you are supposed to be taken in by a false sense of safety. Do not forget that engaging in concurrent sexual relationships is more dangerous than engaging in a monogamous relationship.


The most effective HIV & STI prevention method

Those who love their life and want to live without health problems must follow the most effective HIV & STI prevention method of relying on consistent & correct condom use. People who lack self-efficacy to buy and make use of condoms are more likely to catch sexually transmitted diseases. The reason for not using the condom is that most men think condoms can interfere with sexual pleasure, while the actual fact is that they are lubricated to increase sexual pleasure for both men & women.


If you as well think so, you can use the dotted condom. Once you have used the dotted condom, you will no longer see it as interfering with your sexual pleasure. The lack of the use of condoms is nothing but the lack of skills and knowledge of right condom use. However, teenagers do make use of condoms with their casual partners, and on the other hand, people do not use condoms with their main partners unless they want to avoid impregnate their female partners.


The casual & the main partner in your life

No matter what, you must be consistent in using high-quality condemn unless you intend to impregnate your female partner whether it is your casual partner or the main partner. Monogamy is rare in animals & more common in humans but humans are inclined to violate the committed relationships. If casually find such an opportunity, they will utilize it, for sure.  


Gone are the days when the pairing of a single male with a single female was strictly followed by our forefathers in the majority. Being monogamous is a cognitive task that can only be performed by humans. Animals often fail to recognize their partner so they can no longer be monogamous.


Almost every person is supposed to have an extramarital affair in our America during the entire lifespan. I’m okay to say that not only are American men but also women are adulterous. What’s adultery? In psychological terms, infidelity is nothing but a sexual exchange without romantic involvement. On the other hand, romantic exchange without sexual involvement is termed as romantic infidelity.


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